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**Notice to members who wish to post a ride**

TO POST A RIDE (add event) on the calendar, find the top menu bar and click ‘Add Event.’  Follow the directions below as you complete each field.  If you have questions, call Kurt at 570-677-3591.

ALL CALENDAR entries use the WJW Ride Designation system and should be entered as follows:

Title:  Speed designation (A, B, C, D), mileage, terrain designation, and the town where the ride starts.  For a map showing our preset ride starts, click here
Description:  Name of ride leader, contact information, and any pertinent ride details
Other fields:  Event category, GPS link if available, date, start time, (skip end date and time) starting location (if you choose a location on the drop down menu, no address entry is necessary), and any other fields that are appropriate.

Please do not clutter the title with anything other than speed, mileage, terrain and the starting area.  All other information goes in its own field.


Admin staff

Month Week Day
October 2012
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat

Category: B RideB+ 50 T4 Hampton

Category: C RideC O/R 25 T1 Easton

Category: B RideOR/B 2½ Hrs, T?


Category: C RideC30 T3 Lambertville


Category: C RideC 29 T3 Ringoes


Category: B RideB 40 T3 Ringoes


Category: C RideCANCELED C 27 T3 Clinton Twp.

5 6

Category: GeneralRiver Horse October Fest

Category: C RideC O/R 20 T1 Lambertville

Category: B RideLambertville B 36 miles T3 10:30am

Category: GeneralTrexlertown Bike Swap Meet


Category: B RideB 45 T?

Category: C RideCANCELED-RAIN C 25 T1 Jim Thorpe

Category: D RideCANCELED-RAIN D 25 T1 Jim Thorpe

8 9

Category: C RideCANCELED--RAIN C 32 T3 Ringoes

Category: B RideB- 31 T4 Ringoes


Category: B RideB 40 T3 Ringoes


Category: C RideC 30 T3 Flemington

12 13

Category: B RideB 100 T3 Flemington

Category: C RideC 55 T1 Flemington

Category: C RideC 63 T3 Flemington

Category: B RideB 55 T1 Flemington

Category: A RideA 63 T3 Flemington


Category: C RideC 20 T2 Ringoes

Category: D RideD 16 T2 Ringoes


Category: C RideC30 or so, T3 Lambertville

Category: GeneralTrustees' Meeting


Category: C RideC 28.4 T3 Ringoes


Category: B RideB 40 T3 Ringoes


Category: C RideC 25 T3 Clinton Twp.


Category: C RideCANCELLED-RAIN C30 T3 Lambertville


Category: B RideB+ 80-100mi T4 Union Township

Category: B RideB 50 T4 Readington

Category: C RideC 30 T1 Whitehouse Station


Category: B RideOR/B 2-3 hrs, T1

Category: C RideC 25 T1 Flemington

Category: D RideD 15-20 T1 Flemington

Category: B RideB 35 T3 Branchburg


Category: C RideC30 T3 Lambertville


Category: C RideC 25 T2 Flemington


Category: B RideB 40 T3 Ringoes


Category: C RideC 30 T3 Flemington

26 27

Category: A RideA 35 T3 Pluckemin

Category: B RideB+ 42.9 T4 Ringoes

Category: C RideC 30 T3 Flemington


Category: C RideCANCELED--WEATHER C 20 T2 Lake Nockamixon

Category: D RideCANCELED--WEATHER D 20 T2 Lake Nockamixon


Category: C RideC30 T3 Lambertville NOT!


Category: C RideCANCELED--Chance of Showers C 30 T3 Ringoes

31 1

Category: C RideCANCELLED - C30 T3 Clinton Twp.

2 3

Category: C RideC 30 T2

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